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Who are Genshen?

As one of JJJ's Exposed Artists, Genshen have established themselves as an exciting new act on the Australian indie music scene. They have remained steadfastly DIY (do-it-yourself), unsigned and independent, winning an award for best self-managed Australian group. Having formed from a common love for UK indie music, Genshen quickly proved themselves in the live arena by achieving the status of finalist in the Queensland Rock Awards.

Genshen went on to gain critical acclaim for their originality, unique sound and appealing quirky style when they released their debut single Love is on the Radio. With their successful track record of radio and RAGE airplay for the single, Genshen
subsequently rose to national acclaim with the release of their debut EP "Someplace Else", polling in Top 5 of Australian Independent Charts and remaining on the Top 20 for more than 16 weeks.

Genshen possess a love of innovative indie music. They bring their own mix of '80s and '90s influences to their music to create their own blend of quirky indie pop that incorporates soaring synths, lush guitars, melodic bass and solid pop rhythms. The outcome can be retro, funky, jazzy, or just straight-forward pop-rock.

Genshen are lovers of '70's sci-fi television series and can often be found seeking looking for unusual op-shop guitars and only the cutest '70s keyboards. To date, they have recorded and produced their own CDs from their home studio. When playing live they aim to treat audiences to a sonic experience. Genshen have an energetic and captivating stage presence that adds a dimension to their music beyond that captured on CD.


Genshen's music blends pop and indie elements with their own innovative melody and sounds - the outcome is a delightfully quirky indie-pop. The music is like nothing else in Brisbane and possibly Australia combining 80's style vintage synths, 90's style guitar and melodic basslines to create an intriguing, intense and energetic soundscape.  Influences include the likes of joy division, underground lovers, new order and stereolab.

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Released Works
  • Single 'Shoot Everyone'
  • EP 'Someplace Else' Released (distributed through Little Big Music/MRA)
  • Debut Single 'Love is on the Radio'Released April 2001 (independent)
  • Demo 'Lime Light'
  • Demo 'The Cam-Corder Recordings'
  • Demo 'Happy in the Shadows'
Recent Acheivements
  • EP polled at #4 on Australian independent charts
  • High rotation airplay on JJJ for new EP "Someplace Else" since Nov
  • Receiving repeated FlyTV, MTV and Rage broadcasts of video clip for JJJ hit song "Nothing Quite Like This"
  • Won Fly TV's Buzz-Clip comp on March 8 with 68% of votes (currently No 12 on Fly TV's  Popsui's Top 20)
  • Selected as JJJ  "exposed artist" and interviewed on JJJ shows such as Super Request, Drive Time, Oz Music and more
  • Spot airplay on commercial stations including Nova, B105, MMM and Fox FM Strong support by community radio along east coast including airplay, interviews and "live-to-air" performances
  • Repeated airplay of debut single "Love is on the Radio" in 2001
  • Repeated broadcast on RAGE of clip for debut single Voted No. 2 in the Top 5 for Brisbane's radio station 4ZZZFM in 2001
  • Genshen song featured on an internationally released commercial sports video Excellent CD and gig reviews by press including Time Off, Tsunami, Semper, Courier Mail and more
  • Finalist in Qld Rock Awards 2000 and Sunnie Awards 2000
  • "Alluring cross between eighties synth-pop and early nineties shoegazing guitar-rock...compact and wistful pop songs couched in swirling sometimes cheesy synth textures and resonant guitars... widescreen atmospherics aided by rich detailed production" Rave Magazine
  • "I was deeply impressed... Brisbane remains the Kapital of Kool."  Revolver Magazine
  • "Genshen are by far the best band in Brisbane today.  Genshen's sound is as original as it is goddamned familiar...Genshen scream appeal..." EvilPresley.com
  • "Genshen proceeded to startle and amaze with their ability to reproduce their lush atmospheric pop songs with such clarity...exquisite aural delights in the notoriously difficult live setting...superb"   Andrew - Oz Music Project
  • "tight and luscious...breathy, spacious, ethereal and utterly pop.  Go buy it, go see 'em, and get yourself lurved!" Richard Kwong - Time Off Magazine
  • "Genshen redefined 'pop'...I'd heard stories about the wonders of the Genshen band wagon, and boy it was a joyous ride...my new favourite band"  Hans - Brispop Discussion
  • "Quite simply, Genshen are a revelation...a majestic, heady ride from start to finish.  Nothing local's sounded this good for years...Genshen sound poised for greatness.  Get this record.  It's splendid."  Semper Magazine
Performance History

Genshen performed at the prestigious Big Day Out in early 2005. Genshen have completed numerous east coast tours and performed at festivals such as The Hoogie Festival, The infamous Valley Fiesta, The Seafood Festival and the Rapid Festival since the release of their EP "Someplace Else" playing along side the likes of Waikiki, Magic Dirt, 28 days, Pete Murray, The Superjesus, Gersey, Gaslight Radio, The Cruel Sea, Oscalima, The Beautiful Girls, and Geneveive Maynard.  They have also recently performed a live to air at the JJJ Studios and are about to embark on a Pepsi Live performance and a MMM unplugged performance.  Genshen have spent years developing their unique and quirky blend of indie-pop both in the live context and in their home studio. In fact, Genshen feel like they have played every venue in Brisbane and most venues on the east coast of Australia! With a back catalogue including The Annandale, The Espy, The Empress, The Hopetoun, The Sandringham, The Oxford, The Gaelic Bar, The Great Northern, The Zoo, The Healer, Ric's Café, The Alley, The Waterloo, Uni of Qld, Paddo Workers Tavern, The Ship Inn, The Red Room, The Queens Arms, it's not surprising.


Quentin: Neil Halstead (Mojave3, Slowdive), Gaslight Radio, Not From There, Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach, Thursten Moore (Sonic Youth), Leonard Cohen, Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)

Gillian: Gary Newman, Stereolab, Visage, any popular music made between 1978-82

Steven: Robert Smith (The Cure), William Reid (Jesus and Mary Chain), and Peter Hook (Joy Division)

Simon: Favourite artists include Beatles, Smiths and The Chameleon



GENSHEN at work!

This is where it all happens.  The GENSHEN studio is a 3x4 metre space ingeniously designed so that all the gear basically runs up the walls!

The trusty Drum Machine

A busy studio is a good studio. GENSHEN currently rehearse and record in this small space.

Gillian's Keyboard stack

Quentin's Guitar Amp, Guitar & Rack

Quentin's keyboard stack

Genshen are...

Quentin : Guitar, Synthesisers, Vocals
Gillian : Synthesisers, Samplers, Vocals
Steven : Bass, FX, noise
Simon : Drums, Triggers, Synths

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