Band Members

From left: Jamie, Simon, Gillian & Quentin
Quentin (Guitar and Vocals)
· Originates from the sun, surf and sand of the Sunshine Coast
· A self taught musician
· First musical venture - duo LleweLLyn in 1998 co-writing indie-pop songs with Gillian and played frequently in Brisbane venues (eg. residency at Indie Temple, and performance at 1998 Woodford Folk Festival) 
· Formed Indie band Genshen - first single 2001.
· Favorite Artists – Neil Halstead (Mojave3, Slowdive), Bob Dylan,  Burt Bacharach, Thursten Moore (Sonic Youth), Leonard Cohen,  Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)
· Favorite Book – To Kill a Mocking Bird
· Favorite Actors – Audrey Hepburn, Diana Rigg, Micheal Caine
· Favorite TV series – Futurama, The Professionals, The Avengers, The Sweeney, Dr Who, Star Trek, Rockford Files
· Favorite Food – Spaghetti Bolognese
· Favorite Movies – Clockers, Liquid Sky, and The Planet of the Apes, Get Carter (original 1971)

Quentin with his trademark telephone vocoder

Gillian (Keys and Vocals)
· Raised in a music friendly household

· Endured the youth orchestra lifestyle
· Fascinated by the best and worst of music of the twentieth century, particularly ‘80’s
· Enjoys listening to a wide range of music
· Hobbies include reading children’s books and oil painting
· Favorite Artist – Gary Newman, any music made between 1978-82
· Favorite Book – Bones of the Moon
· Favorite Movie – The Virgin Suicides, A Clockwork Orange
· Favorite Food – Gang Dang Gai


Gillian wizzing up some filtered tones @ Annandale Hotel Sydney.
Photo by Garnet.

Steven (Bass)
· Originates from the Cairns music scene
· Commonly seen playing with Sodapop at Cairns venues such as Johnno’s Blues Bar and Expressions. 
Also played a number of festivals such as the Little Day Out.
· Favorite Artists – Robert Smith (The Cure), William Reed (Jesus and Mary Chain), and Peter Hook (Joy Division)
· Favorite Book – Brave New World
· Favorite Food –  Any curry
· Favorite Movie – With Nail and I, Fire Walk with Me (Twin Peeks)
· Other Life - Currently works in retail

Simon  (Drums, percussion, vocal)
· Joined Genshen January 2003
· Sydney born 
. Once played drums in black sabbath covers band at high school
· Favorite Artists – Beatles, Augie March, Gaslight Radio, Morrissey (Smiths), Mogwai, Talk Talk (the later staff)
· Favorite Book – Anything by Melville, Joyce, Woolf
· Favorite Food – Sugar
· Favorite Movie – The Shining, Mullholland Drive, Donnie Darko, City of Lost Children
· Other Life - solo singer/ songwriter with occasional gigs, curently studying BA in English & Drama

Simon with cans and steven with the moves...